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Anxiolytic drugs are used when the patient is experiencing the anxiety syndrome or if there is nervousness and tension that should be relieved. In addition, it is used to deal with mental illnesses accompanied by distress, with affective disorders, and as a combination therapy for schizophrenia. This medicine is an anxiolytic, anticonvulsant, hypnotic, sedative, central muscle relaxant.

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Prozac does not have toxic effects on the myocardium, it doesn’t have sedative effects unlike other antidepressants and it doesn’t lead to the appearance of orthostatic hypotension.

How does Bromazepam Work?

Bromazepam refers to benzodiazepine derivatives. It has a pronounced anxiolytic effect and less pronounced sedative, anticonvulsant and hypnotic action. The mechanism of work is based on the enhancement of the inhibition of the central nervous system. An anxiolytic effect is caused by the impact on the almond-shaped structure of the limbic system and is manifested by a decrease in the level of emotional tension, alleviation of anxiety and fear.

The sedative action is caused by the effect on the reticular formation of the brain and the thalamus nucleus and is manifested by the reduction of neurotic symptoms. Moderate hypnotic effect is manifested by an increase in the duration of night sleep and a decrease in the period of falling asleep and the number of nocturnal awakenings. Bromazepam reduces the impact of vegetative/emotional and motor stimuli, negatively affecting the process of falling asleep.

Indications for use

Bromazepam is used for complex treatment of neuroses of various genesis and psychopathies, accompanied by emotional stress, phobias, anxiety and sleep disorders; psychosomatic disorders (cardiovascular system – hypertension of emotional genesis, angina pectoris, dyspnea, cardialgia); sexual and urinary system – climacteric disorders, dysmenorrhea, frequent urination; psychogenic dermatoses (accompanied by irritability and itching); respiratory system (difficulty breathing).

Bromazepam adverse effects and contraindications

It is recommended to administer Bromazepam with caution in case you experience:

  • Hypersensitivity to drugs;
  • Ataxia of cerebral and spinal origin;
  • Experience suicidal behavior;
  • During pregnancy;
  • Syndrome of apnea;
  • Lactation period;
  • Liver failure;
  • Drug dependence;
  • Alcohol dependence, excluding acute abstinence;

You should also consult a specialist if you are taking any medicine or vitamins at the same time. Patients under the age of 18 should also take Bromazepam with caution.

Side effects

The most common adverse effects include: fatigue, headache, dizziness, drowsiness, memory loss, attention impairment, inhibition of motor and mental reactions, muscle weakness, decreased libido, increased appetite; less often – dry mouth, fear, excitement, sleep disorders, aggressiveness, hallucinations, suicidal tendencies, nausea, diarrhea, arterial hypotension, impaired renal/hepatic function, blood changes.

Interaction with other medicine

The administration of Bromazepam is excluded together with drinks or other medicine that contains alcohol. This may lead to the increase of Bromazepam’s effects. Simultaneous administration with fluvoxamine leads to the increase of Bromazepam levels in blood. This may lead to higher risks of cognitive impairment.

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