Where to Buy Codeine Online?

This is an antitussive remedy that possesses centralized action. It represents an opioid agonist. By its properties it is close to morphine, on the other hand, the analgesic action is much less pronounced. By exciting the opioid receptors of neurons, it decreases the irritation of the cough source. The hyperventilation process is less observable in comparison to morphine. The extended use of this medicine can serve as cause for constipation. The narrowing of the pupil during the use of Codeine in curative doses isn’t predominant.

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Indications for Use

This drug is applied to reduce or remove cough signs in case of bronchial and lung illnesses (bronchopneumonia, bronchitis, emphysema).

Is Buying Codeine online Cheaper?

buy codeine onlineThe answer is YES! The quality of the products doesn’t differ in any shape or form. Remember, that you should visit a doctor before you buy Codeine without prescription. Only a specialist can identify the right dosage and mode of administration for your particular case.

Buying medicine online, such as Codeine, may prove to be less expensive. Our online pharmaceutics service presents you with the opportunity to acquire medicine at the price of a generic. There is no need to spend more money than you should. That doesn’t change the fact that you can’t overlook the consultation with your physician first. Don’t spend your time and money on medicine that may prove to be ineffective because only a thorough examination is able to detect your problem.

Adverse Effect

  • Side effects that come from digestive tract: uncommonly – nausea, constipation.
  • Possible side effects of the CNS and PNS: potential headaches, sleepiness (when taking it in high doses or in case of sensitive patients), worsening coordination, may form hyperventilation; less commonly – an increase in muscle tone (at dosage greater than 60 mg).
  • Allergic responses: less commonly – skin itching, exanthema (urticaria).
  • Other adverse effects: weight changes.

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buy promethazine with codeine onlinePulmonary deficiency, acute bronchial asthma attack, increased sensitivity to Codeine. Do not apply this medicine for children under the age of 12 months.

Pregnancy and Breast-Feeding

Doctors are not recommending the administration of Codeine in the first trimester of pregnancy, before giving birth or when there are suspicions for miscarriage, during breast-feeding.

Use of Codeine in Case of Impaired Kidney Function

In case of patients with decreased renal function, the secretion of codeine is slowed down, so it is recommended to extend the intervals between administrations of the drug.

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Children Treatment with Codeine

Do not apply for children under the age of 12 months.

Drug Interactions

buy tylenol with codeine onlineIt is likely to observe an escalation in the effects of codeine when used together with drugs that exert a depressing action on the CNS.

With the concurrent application of morphine derivatives, it is likely to observe an intensification of the inhibitory effect on the respiratory center; with Ibuprofen – pain-relieving effect is enhanced; Carbamazepine is able to boost pain relieving effect, perhaps due to amplified formation of the metabolite of codeine normorphine that has a more pronounced effect.

When used together with Quinidine, the analgesic effect of Codeine decreases or practically disappears. With concurrent use of ethanol, codeine enhances the action of ethanol on psychomotor functions.

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