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Dilantin (phenytoin) represents an anti-epileptic medicine, also known as an anticonvulsant. The mechanism of action is characterized through interaction with brain signals that are the reason for seizures.

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This medicine is generally being used to manage convulsions. This is not a universal cure for all categories of seizures and only a mental health specialist may determine if Phenytoin is the right option for your case.

Buy Dilantin (Phenytoin) Online

buy dilantin onlineOur pharmaceutical service offers the chance to purchase Dilantin at a price of a generic. Before buying Dilantin you should consult with a doctor or a mental health specialist. Only a professional is able to indicate the right medicine and dosage for a particular case. To achieve maximum effect from medicine such as Dilantin, the patient shouldn’t interrupt the process of treatment abruptly and follow the exact prescriptions which were given by the doctor.

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Acquiring medicine online, such as Dilantin, may prove to be less expensive. There is no need to pay more than you should for medicine. That doesn’t change the fact that you can’t ignore a meeting with your general practitioner first. Don’t spend your time and money on medicine that may prove to be useless because only a careful medical check-up is capable of detecting your problem.

Before administration of this medicine

In order to benefit the most from the administration of Dilantin, you should report to your doctor whether you have:

  • Illnesses associated with liver;
  • atypical heart rhythms that were spotted via an EKG test;
  • insulin deficiency;
  • clinical depression;
  • thoughts and actions related to suicidal behavior;
  • deficiency of vitamin D or any other disorder that may affect the bone structure;
  • cluster of conditions in which substances named porphyrins that by increasing cause negative effects to the skin or nervous system;
  • daily alcohol consumption.

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It is possible to experience manifestations of suicidal behavior. It is necessary to keep in touch with your doctor during the whole treatment period. Your relatives or friends should also pay attention to differences in your mood or other symptoms resulting from the use of Dilantin.

Skin reactions have a higher chance of manifestation in patients with Asian origin. A rare but extremely serious disease may develop as a response to phenytoin. Blood analysis is required in order to rule out any probabilities related to skin complications.

buy dilantin online UKDuring pregnancy it is very important to manage a disease associated with seizures. It is not recommended stopping the administration of Dilantin unless this is indicated by your general practitioner. Experiencing convulsions throughout pregnancy could present a potential risk to mother and her baby. It is a factor that is very significant to disclose to your GP as soon as possible.

Dilantin may affect the action of birth control means. Non-hormonal means would represent an effective option. Talk to your physician about this issue.

Breast-feeding is not recommended when using medicine such as Dilantin. The active component is able to penetrate the milk and pose harm to the baby.

Mode of administration

Follow the exact prescription given by your general practitioner. The information leaflet that goes together with the medicine should be read carefully. Administration of this medicine in bigger or smaller doses is not recommended.

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The patient is not supposed to damage the capsule in any way and swallow it as a whole. Any signs suggesting that the medicine does not coincide to its usual standards should be taken into account. A new direction may be needed in this case.

Recurrent blood tests may be needed throughout your treatment. There may be a need to switch to another type of phenytoin and it may also require a blood test.

buy dilantin AustraliaStopping the treatment with Dilantin in an abrupt manner may be potentially harmful because of higher risks associated with seizures. Your doctor will give you the necessary instructions in order to diminish the dosage in the right manner.

You should report to your doctor whether this medicine proves to be ineffective for your disease.

Wearing a medical ID tag that is conveying that you are administering Dilantin is a must. Any specialist in the field of medicine should be aware that you take anticonvulsive medicine.

The active component may cause inflammation of your gums. Take care of your teeth and get appointments to your dentist as a prevention measure and necessary treatment.

Keep this medicine away from children at room temperature.

How to react to a missed dose of Dilantin?

If there hasn’t passed a lot of time since you have missed your dose, then you can take it. If it is closer to the time for you to take the next dose, then you shouldn’t take it. Taking an additional dose of medicine to compensate for the missed dose is not recommended.

Dilantin overdose

Do not try to take more Dilantin than the amount approved by your doctor. The outcome may be lethal. Signs of overdose may consist of eye twitching, indistinct speech, coordination difficulties, shivers, stiff muscles or general weakness, lightheadedness, and sluggish or shallow inhalation.

Things to avoid while receiving treatment with Dilantin

Alcohol consumption should be excluded during the period of treatment. The manifestations of adverse effects may worsen because of the raise of phenytoin levels in the blood stream. Also, a constant use of alcohol may diminish the effects of medicine, causing a higher risk for convulsions.

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Try to keep away from using antacids during the period of treatment with Dilantin. They may hinder the process of medicine absorption.

The speed of reactions and thinking may suffer during treatment, so the patient should be careful when engaging in potentially harmful activities.

Dilantin adverse effects

buy dilantin UKThe possibility of allergic reactions shouldn’t be discarded and medical treatment should be sought if you experience: face swelling, difficulties inhaling, acute skin reaction.

Some parts of patient’s body may react in a negative way to the treatment with Dilatin, you should seek medical attention if you notice the manifestations of these symptoms: skin irritation, high temperature, inflamed glands, cold-like signs, muscle ache, intense weakness, abnormal bruising, or jaundice. This response may appear as a reaction after two-three weeks of treatment with Dilantin.

Inform your healthcare provider of any new signs or aggravating health conditions, such as: abnormal behavior and thoughts, nervousness, panic, problems with sleep, inability to manage your mood, excessive irritability, agitation, hostile actions, agitation, hyperactive, depressive mood and thoughts regarding suicide or causing pain to yourself.

Get in touch with your healthcare provider whether you come across these symptoms:

  • unexpected weakness or sensations of illness, high body temperature, mouth lesions;
  • skin irritation, acute weakness;
  • intense muscle ache;
  • soreness in different parts of the body;
  • troubles with liver – appetite changes, stomach ache, dark colored urine, jaundice.

General Dilantin adverse effects may consist of:

  • lightheadedness, sleepiness, disorientation, tenseness;
  • shivers, indistinct speech, balance and coordination issues;
  • skin irritation;
  • atypical eye movement;
  • cephalalgia;
  • difficulties with sleep.

Things to know before using Dilantin

buy dilantin onlinePregnancy may represent an issue and it is essential to hold discussions with your GP concerning this matter. The action of the active component of the medicine may present danger for an unborn child, although experiencing a convulsion at some point throughout pregnancy could potentially endanger the baby and mother. If it happens that you get pregnant during treatment with Dilantin, you should not interrupt the course of treatment without the permission from your doctor. Convulsion management get really significant for the period of pregnancy and the advantages of avoiding convulsions may compensate any possible risks that come from using Dilantin.

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Your physician should be told if you experience any other symptoms that were not mentioned above. If the negative manifestations keep getting worse or you develop new symptoms, such as: suicidal actions, nervousness, depression or hostile actions than you should get immediate medical attention.

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    Generic Name: phenytoin
    Brand Name: Dilantin

    DILANTIN (phenytoin sodium) injection, USP is a sterile solution of 50 mg phenytoin sodium per milliliter for intravenous or intramuscular administration. The solution is in a vehicle containing 40% propylene glycol and 10% alcohol in water for injection, adjusted to pH 12 with sodium hydroxide. Phenytoin sodium is related to the barbiturates in chemical structure, but has a five-membered ring.


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