Buy Luvox Online: Modern SSRI Antidepressant

Luvox (Fluvoxamine) is a modern antidepressant from the SSRI group. The drug has a pronounced antidepressant effect, the mechanism of its action is associated with a specific inhibition of reuptake of serotonin by neurons of the brain. You can buy Luvox no prescription pills in the strengths of 50 and 100 mg.

Buy Luvox Online

Luvox: uses and indications

Cheap Luvox is intended for the treatment of the following conditions:

  • depression of various origins;
  • affective disorders, with persistent deterioration in mood;
  • psychomotor disorders.

Luvox: dosage instructions

Luvox without a prescription pills can be divided into a distribution dash; they should be swallowed without chewing, squeezed with enough liquid.

The recommended initial Luvox dosage for the treatment of depressive disorders for adults: 50-100 mg / day once, the drug is usually drunk at night. Dosage increases gradually until the desired therapeutic effect. The optimal dosage is 100 mg/day and is directly related to the individual characteristics of each individual patient. The maximum allowable dosage is 300 mg/day. If the dosage is above 150 mg, it can be drunk in 2-3 meals.

Treatment with this antidepressant should be carried out at least six months after the disappearance of any manifestations of depressive disorders in patients. For preventive purposes, the drug is used in a single dose in the amount of 100 mg / day.

Adults with obsessive-compulsive disorder initially prescribed only 50 mg/day for 3-5 days. Dosage is increased gradually until the desired result is obtained. The effective dose is 100 – 300 mg/day.

As written in the instructions for use, after achieving the desired therapeutic effect, therapy is continued according to an individually developed scheme. If after 10 weeks from the beginning of the application, the improvement does not occur, the drug is canceled.

Usually cheap Luvox and its analogs are not prescribed for children until the age of 18 as a therapy for depressive disorders. In the presence of obsessive-compulsive disorders in children aged 8 years, the initial dosage is 25 mg/day at one time, as maintenance therapy – 50-200 mg/day. To prescribe such a drug, you need to know exactly the cause of the occurrence of mental disorders.

Luvox: side effects and contraindications

As a rule, the drug is tolerated by patients well, but with abuse, systemic side effects can occur:

  • nausea, which is often supplemented with vomiting (usually occurs during the first 2 weeks of therapy);
  • insomnia, excessive excitement, headache, sometimes – ataxia, tremor, hallucinations, confusion;
  • heart palpitations, progressive hypotension, tachycardia;
  • dry mouth, dyspeptic phenomena (bloating, constipation, diarrhea), anorexia; violations of the liver;
  • violation of urination (enuresis) and ejaculation;
  • anorgasmia is rarely observed.
  • development of arthralgia, myalgia;
  • rash, hives, increased sweating, angioedema;
  • asthenia, hyponatremia, decrease or weight gain, serotonin syndrome, hemorrhage, convulsive seizures, manic syndrome, photophobia.

Contraindications of Luvox no prescription pills:

  • presence of hypersensitivity to any components included in the composition of the drug;
  • presence of renal or hepatic insufficiency;
  • intolerance to galactose, deficiency of lactase.

Luvox and structural analogues are not prescribed in combination with monoamine oxidase inhibitors. The medication can be started only two weeks after the withdrawal of such funds. Before starting generic Luvox treatment, you need to reduce the dosage of neuroleptics (clozapine, olanzapine) and tricyclic antidepressants (clomipramine, imipramine).

In patients who use an anticoagulant drug, it can cause bleeding, so you need to carefully monitor the condition of such patients. During treatment with Luvox no prescription pills and other psychotropic drugs, patients are not allowed to consume alcohol.

Reasons to buy Luvox online

Consider buying Luvox online because it is a representative of modern SSRIs that can really help cope with depression without serious addiction and side effects. Do yourself a favor and buy Luvox online in order to save money and forget about the problems with getting RX.

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