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Remeron: One of the Most Powerful Antidepressants Ever

Remeron (with the active substance Mirtazapine) is a drug from the group of four-cycle antidepressants, which predominantly contributes to sedation. The drug was synthesized in the 90s of the last century and is one of the most effective modern drugs with antidepressant effect. You can buy Remeron online in the strengths of 15 and 30 mg.

Buy Remeron Online

Remeron is well-known thanks to its multiple antidepressant action, mostly it works as the anxiolytic, antiemetic, hypnotics and antihistamine. Under the influence of the active component, there is an increase in central adrenergic and serotonergic transmission, moderate blocking of histamine receptors, and sedation.

Remeron: uses and indications

The use of Remeron no prescription tablets in a therapeutic dose will not affect the organs of the cardiovascular system. The ability of the drug to exert a pronounced hypnotic and anxiolytic effect allows the use of tablets as an effective tool for anxious depressive disorders of various origins. Moderate sedative effect suppresses suicidal ideation in patients. Remeron is indicated for depressive states by appointment and under the supervision of a physician.

Remeron: dosage instructions

After internal administration of the pill, rapid absorption of the active substance from the stomach is observed. The maximum concentration is observed after 120 mins. The active component excretes the kidneys and the gastrointestinal tract, the half-life takes up to 40 hrs.

Cheap Remeron tablets should be taken inside before going to bed and washed down with liquid. The dose is selected individually, taking into account the age and individual characteristics of the patient’s body.

For patients of older age groups, a dosage is recommended under the constant supervision of a physician, in order to avoid the development of complications and undesirable side reactions. There is a gradual development of antidepressant action: for 14-20 days, with the course of treatment can be extended to six months.

Important! If the therapeutic effect is absent for 6-8 weeks of use, then the use of the drug is recommended to be discontinued. In the event that the patient takes the pills for 2-3 months and does not observe a remission about this, the doctor should be informed immediately.

Remeron: side effects and contraindications

Remeron is contraindicated in the case of individual intolerance of substances included in the tablets, as well as in the treatment of children under the age of 18 years. Timely correction of a dose and constant medical supervision requires the use of a drug in the treatment of patients who have:

  • Low blood pressure;
  • Mania;
  • Drug dependence;
  • Epilepsy;
  • Organic lesions of the brain.

Remeron may cause side effects including:

  • Drowsiness;
  • Anxiety;
  • Tremor;
  • Vomiting;
  • Nausea;
  • Sexual disorders;
  • Increased appetite;
  • Headache;
  • Thirst;
  • Dizziness,
  • Dry mouth;
  • Stomatitis.

If this dosage is not observed, the active ingredient can depress the central nervous system, which leads to disorientation, tachycardia, and a pronounced sedative effect. A significant increase in the dose may be life-threatening. It requires immediate consultation of a doctor, the selection of funds for symptomatic therapy and the maintenance of normal life of the victim.

During treatment of severe depressive disorders, doctors prescribe a combination therapy with the use of several antidepressants. It is also possible to combine Remeron with medications such as Fluoxetine or Venlafaxine.

Reasons to buy Remeron online

Cheap Remeron pills that you can freely buy online are considered one of the most powerful antidepressants ever created. You should take it very carefully, preferably only by prescription, but if you know for sure it can help you, opt for saving on your Remeron supply and buy Remeron online from the trustworthy web pharmacy.

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