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Risnia: Choose an Effective Antipsychotic for Your Mental Disorder

Risnia (also known as the trademark for the active substance Risperidone) is an antipsychotic agent which selectively blocks serotonin and dopamine D2 receptors, binds to adrenergic receptors. But Risnia never impacts on cholinergic receptors. Buy Risnia online in the strengths of 2mg to treat psychosis and depression.

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Risnia: uses and indications

Despite the fact which it blocks D2 receptors, it never inhibits motor activity in comparison with any various antipsychotics & to a lesser extent triggers catalepsy. Risnia has a sedative, antiemetic effect. Antipsychotic effect is associated with blockade of D2 receptors, sedative – adrenoreceptor blockade of brainstem & antiemetic- blockade of D2 receptors of vomiting center.

The FDA-approved indications of Risnia:

  • stabilization emotional reactions in mental illness;
  • schizophrenia (severe form of and chronic forms) & psychotic states with productive signs;
  • behavioral disorders in individuals with dementia (aggressiveness, outbursts of anger, agitation, delirium, corporeal violence);
  • behavioral disorders in adolescents and adults with decreased intelligence in cases where the leading signs are aggressiveness, impulsivity or auto-aggression;
  • auxiliary therapy (for mood correction) in the therapy of mania.

Risnia: dosage guidelines

Risnia no prescription pills are taken by adults & children older than 15 years – 2 times per 24 hrs. Begin therapy with 2mg/day. with the transition to 4-6mg/day. Elderly people must take Risnia in the dose of 0.5mg twice per 24 hrs. For treating mania with bipolar disorders, 2mg/day, increasing the dosing by 2mg/day every various day to 4-6mg/day.

With dementia, what occurs with behavioral disorders Risnia must be taken in the dose of 0.25mg 2 times, with an enhance in the dosing by 0.25mg every various day to 0.5 or 1mg 2 times per 24 hrs. individuals weighing less compared to 50 kg – 0.25mg 1 time with an enhance to 0.5mg.

Risnia: side effects, contraindications and drug interactions

Side consequences of cheap Risnia pills include insomnia, anxiety, headache, less frequently Рdrowsiness, fatigue, decreased concentration of attention, tremor, severe form of dystonia, hypersalivation. In individuals with schizophrenia there are possible Risnia side effects as involuntary movements of tongue, hyperthermia  & thermoregulatory disorders, rigidity of muscles, epileptic seizures.

Contraindications to Risnia intake:

  • harsh liver & kidney disorder;
  • hypersensitivity to the medical preparation;
  • lactation;
  • Parkinson’s disorder;
  • age up to 15 years;
  • prostate adenoma;
  • glaucoma.

With caution Risnia without a prescription must be assigned for brain tumors, chronic heart failure, lengthening of QT interval, myocardial infarction, convulsions, dehydration, pregnancy, intestinal obstruction.

Bear in mind that Risnia decreases the consequences of levodopa¬† & various agonists of Dopamine. Tricyclic antidepressants, phenothiazines enhance the concentration of Risperidone in the blood, but don’t impact on the concentration of antipsychotic fraction. The intake of carbamazepine decreases the concentration of antipsychotic fraction of medical preparation in plasma. Fluoxetine enhances the concentration of medical preparation in blood plasma.

Reasons to buy Risnia online

Risnia is a famous antipsychotic that eliminates hallucinations, automatism, aggression, delirium. May trigger (depending on the dosing) an enhance in prolactin in the blood. Save your money on Risnia no prescription pills and buy Risnia online with a significant personal discount from a trustworthy pharmacy.

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