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Paxil VS Wellbutrin: Overview and Comparison

paxil vs wellbutrin

Paxil (paroxetine) doesn’t only improve mood, but is also an effective measure for treatment of depression, anxiety disorder, panic disorder and postpartum depression. In order to minimize the risks of possible side effects, its dosage has to be decreased gradually upon discontinuation.

Paxil can be also used for other purposes than those listed above.

Wellbutrin is usually being prescribed for treatment of Major Depressive Disorder (MDD); however, roughly 10% of those who use it discontinue wellbutrin because of negative reactions (such as anxiety, confusion and nausea).

Wellbutrin can be also used for other purposes than those listed above.

Paxil is a highly efficient medication for management of depressive disorder and anxiety related symptoms. However, it produces more unwelcome reactions than other medicine of this kind.

Wellbutrin is also effective when it comes to treatment of depression, but it possesses fewer side effects related to sexual aspects than other similar drugs. When taking wellbutrin, it is important to avoid alcohol consumption.

Paxil advantages

  • It is accessible in a low-priced, generic form.
  • Paxil can only be used only once a day.

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Wellbutrin advantages

  • Successfully reduces the manifestations of depression.
  • Sexual related side effects are less likely to come into play, unlike for other medication of this type. It may actually improve this aspect for is some cases.
  • It can be administered simultaneously with other medicine to neutralize effects.
  • Can be stimulating, has shown excitant effects.
  • Is able to improve the condition of those experiencing ADHD symptoms.
  • It is also being used to keep in check appetite and help stop smoking.
  • The percentage of people, who find this medicine effective after taking it for the first time, is 60%.

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Paxil disadvantages

  • Taking paxil may result in a certain amount of decrease of sexual drive and performance.
  • When taken by teenagers or children, it possesses the risks of provoking suicidal expressions.
  • May not be considered well-suited for elderly people, who experience dementia.

Wellbutrin disadvantages

  • Wellbutrin can be stimulating, so you have to look out for anxiety symptoms or insomnia in the beginning of the treatment period.
  • It is usually being less prescribed for people suffering from anxiety.
  • In some cases it is known to cause seizures or increase the likelihood of their occurrence. May also cause eating disorder, due to increased alcohol consumption. This medication is not recommended for people who prefer drinking alcoholic beverages.
  • Wellbutrin has Zyban in its chemical structure, this a medication that helps those, who want to quit smoking. It is highly undesirable to take these two types of medicine at the same time.
  • Similarly to other medicine of this kind, it can be the reason of suicidal behavior in case of adolescents.
  • It may not be the most efficient antidepressant and you may have to switch to another one. It may also be the cause for undesired side effects which would also result in switching to another medicine.

Paxil and Wellbutrin do have an interaction. Talk to your doctor about other possible combinations if you experience any negative effects.

Lexapro vs Wellbutrin: Overview and Comparison

Lexapro is generally utilized for management of symptoms associated with depression and anxiety.

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Wellbutrin is being utilized for management of major depression disorder as well as SAD (symptoms occur mainly throughout autumn and winter). It also helps quit smoking.

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Lexapro side effects

There is a possibility for patients to experience some effects related to withdrawal. Medicine from SSRI group tends to provoke fatigue, vertigo, poor mood and tingling.

Managing these symptoms requires minimizing the dosage gradually before stopping the drug usage completely.

General negative manifestations connected to the use of Lexapro include anxiety or agitation, problems associated with eyesight, loose stool, insomnia, sleepiness, dry mouth, high body temperature, cephalalgia, digestive disorders, vomiting, changes in appetite, increased perspiration, decrease of sexual performance, tremors and alterations in weight.

Additionally, patients may experience pain symptoms similar to those of influenza.

The list of potential severe manifestations includes:

  • Serotonin syndrome
  • Suicidal actions
  • Unusual hemorrhage
  • Convulsion
  • Manic manifestations
  • Low levels of sodium
  • Acute glaucoma

Wellbutrin side effects

Four out of every thousand patient who are using wellbutrin for their treatment in doses that don’t exceed 450 mg/day have seizures. The risks associated with seizures increases 10 times when the dosage goes beyond 450 mg/day. Other aspects that may interfere with the risk of experiencing seizures are head wounds or injuries and drugs that can reduce the possibility for seizures.

The list of most frequent side effects related to wellbutrin is comprised of:

  • Unsubstantial changes in weight
  • Red eruptions on the skin
  • Perspiration
  • Noise in the head (tinnitus)
  • Tremors
  • Stomachache
  • Lightheadedness
  • Pain in the muscles
  • Tachycardia (fast heartbeat)
  • Sore throat
  • Reoccurring need to urinate
  • Anxiety
  • Xerostomia (dry mouth)
  • Problems with sleep
  • Cephalalgia (headache)
  • Vomiting
  • Feeling constipated

Less frequent side effects include:

  • Chest pain
  • High body temperature
  • Reddening
  • Hot flashes
  • Headaches
  • Having trouble swallowing
  • Shivering
  • Arthritis
  • Muscle pain
  • Uneasiness
  • Inflammation of the sinuses
  • Skin rash
  • Urinary tract infections

More severe manifestations include:

  • Hypertension
  • Uncharacteristic actions or thoughts (illusions, fear, feeling anxious).

Lexapro and Wellbutrin represent medicine that is used to take care of MDD and GAD. Both represent different groups of medicine, with Lexapro belonging to the SSRI class of antidepressants and Wellbutrin originating from the aminoketone class. These medicines possess different means of action, but, at the same time, they share some similarities when it comes to side effects. Both can cause vomiting, migraines, dry mouth, trouble falling asleep, tension, trembling, and agitation.

In case of Lexapro there are not excluded such side effects as diarrhea, sleepiness, sexual issues, changes in weight, digestive disorders. Wellbutrin can be the cause of constipation.

Cymbalta vs Effexor: Which One is better?

Cymbalta is considered to be an effective remedy when it comes to treating MDD, pain caused by diabetes, Anxiety Disorder, Fibromyalgia and some types of chronic pain, but, at the same time, it can be the cause of negative effects if the patient is prone to drinking alcohol or has hypertension.

Effexor is an efficient treatment for depression, anxiety disorder and panic disorder; however, the drug withdrawal syndrome is more likely to appear than in comparison to other drugs.

At this time there is not enough data that would definitely suggest one drug over another. Only a specialist in the field is able to prescribe the right medicine for your individual case. It is a well-known fact that the results for antidepressants may vary for different patient. If a drug works for one patient it doesn’t mean that it will be as efficient for other patients.

General Side effects

The most frequently experienced side effect for people who are taking SNRI medicine is nausea. This may be enough to convince patient to stop interrupt the process of treatment. Vomiting can be attributed to the most common side effect when we’re dealing with SNRI medicine. This may be a sufficient cause for some people to stop the treatment. There is more information that’s suggesting that Cymbalta is more likely to be the cause for nausea in comparison to Effexor.

The list of general side effects for Effexor includes:

  • Vomiting
  • Headache
  • Lightheadedness
  • Sleepiness
  • Problems falling asleep
  • Tenseness
  • Dry mouth
  • Unusual ejaculation
  • Increased perspiration
  • Constipation
  • Anorexia
  • Erectile dysfunction

The list of general side effects for Cymbalta includes:

  • Vomiting
  • Drowsiness
  • Headache
  • Dry mouth
  • Lightheadedness
  • Problems falling asleep
  • Exhaustion
  • Constipation
  • Diarrhea
  • Changes in appetite
  • Increased perspiration
  • Sexual performance

Withdrawal manifestations

The danger with SSRI medicine consists in risk of appearance of the “discontinuation syndrome”. This happens when the patient decides to stop taking the medicine or they simply missed a dose.

Effexor is notably more likely to cause side effects associated with discontinuation in comparison to Cymbalta. This may be because Effexor’s effect doesn’t last for such a long time. Some patients may experience “discontinuation syndrome” even after skipping on a single dose.

The most regular manifestatios associated with withdrawal are headache, vomiting, tiredness, lightheadedness, irritability, sleep problems and dysphoria. All these things make it much more difficult to stop taking the medicine all together.

Cymbalta advantages include:

  • Cymbalta is able to relieve pain caused by diabetes and improve health by managing other types of chronic pain.
  • Cymbalta is a medicine that was designed to deal with multiple conditions and this may prove to be a solid option for many patients.
  • It comes at a lower cost because it is accessible as a generic.

Effexor advantages include:

  • It effectively deals with depression symptoms, anxiety related disorders, and panic disorder.
  • Effexor is able to provoke more drowsiness in comparison to other antidepressants. This property can be helpful for those who are experiencing insomnia or have problems falling asleep.
  • Effexor can actually be more effective in comparison to other antidepressants because it influences two types of chemicals in the brain that are directly related to patient’s mood.
  • Effexor is a medicine that can cope with multiple conditions and this may prove to be a solid option for many patients.
  • Effexor comes at a lower cost because it is accessible as a generic.

Cymbalta disadvantages include:

  • Treatment with Cymbalta should be approached carefully if you are experiencing drinking problems or have problems with liver or kidneys.
  • Cymbalta can be the cause of hypertension.
  • As is the case with other medicine of this type, it can influence the way of thinking, causing suicidal actions to take place, especially in adolescents.

Effexor disadvantages include:

  • Effexor can be the cause for side effects such as worsening sexual performance and hypertension.
  • As is the case with other medicine of this type, it can influence the way of thinking, causing suicidal actions to take place, especially in adolescents.
  • In comparison to other drugs of this kind, it’s more possible to produce unpleasant withdrawal symptoms in case the patient decides to stop using it. This drug can also cause more drowsiness.

Patients with hypertension should use Effexor cautiously with other medicine that increases blood pressure. In this case Cymbalta would a much more suitable alternative for those who experience these particular issues with blood pressure.

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Cymbalta vs Celexa: Overview and Comparison

Cymbalta or duloxetine is an antidepressant that possesses anti-anxiety and pain-relieving characteristics, but, at the same time, it has shown negative effects upon discontinuation of the medicine even when doing this gradually. You should be cautious with Cymbalta as it is more likely to produce problems if you are experiencing hypertension or are consuming alcohol.

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This medicine is usually required to cure Fibromyalgia, more types of Chronic Pain, Anxiety Disorder, Osteoarthritis, MDD, Depression.

Cymbalta has more medical uses than those listed in the medication handbook.

Celexa or citalopram is generally considered to be an efficient antidepressant; however it can be the cause of a bigger number of side effects compared to escitalopram, that is a similar drug.

It is usually being administered for management of Anxiety, Stress and Depression related symptoms. The frequency of side effects is less noticeable in comparison to other antidepressants. It is important to point out that this medicine is not the best option for those who are experiencing problems with heart or liver.

Celexa has more medical uses than those listed in the medication handbook.

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Cymbalta advantages include:

  • Cymbalta is able to relieve the pain caused by diabetes as well as managing other types of chronic pain.
  • Cymbalta is a medicine that was designed to deal with multiple conditions and this may prove to be a solid option for many patients.
  • It comes at a lower cost because it is accessible as a generic.

Celexa advantages include:

  • Efficient for managing depression symptoms.
  • Doesn’t cause fatigue and sleepiness as much as other medicine from this class.
  • It comes at a lower cost because it is accessible as a generic.

Cymbalta disadvantages include:

  • Treatment with Cymbalta should be approached carefully if you are experiencing drinking problems or have problems with liver or kidneys.
  • Cymbalta can be the cause of hypertension.
  • As is the case with other medicine of this type, it can influence the way of thinking, causing suicidal actions to take place, especially in adolescents.

Celexa disadvantages include:

  • Is able to cause side effects associated with worsening sexual performance and desire, difficulties ejaculating and changes in weight, usually the patient is gaining few pounds.
  • Treatment using Celexa should be approached carefully in case you have issues with heart or liver.
  • As is the case with other medicine of this type, Celexa can influence the way of thinking, causing suicidal actions to take place, especially in adolescents.

Talk to your doctor for any questions or concerns you have regarding the use of Celexa or Cymbalta. Every case should be approached in a unique way and the best treatment can be prescribed only by a specialist.

Zoloft and Lexapro: Which One Should I Take?

It is really difficult to understand the difference between medicines, especially when they are both prescribed in equal measures for those who suffer from depressive disorders. It would be useful to draw a comparison between these two types of medicine from SSRI group. Even though there are similar in some aspects, it is important to point out the differences that really matter in this case.

zoloft vs lexapro

Your doctor may prescribe different types of drugs in order to identify the best one for your particular case. In our case, Lexapro and Zoloft consist the “go to” medicine when we talk about anxiety, panic attacks or other severe mood disorders.

Both medicines work similarly in the way that they both deal with brain chemicals to restore the right balance. Differences start with Zoloft being able to manage with more symptoms while Lexapro can display a faster release time. Also, the list of side-effects differs quite significantly.

What Side Effects Can We Expect?

The use of this medicine is associated with risks for side-effects appearance. The usual side-effects of Lexapro usage may include vertigo, sleepiness, constipation, increased perspiration or dry skin, sleep issues, upset stomach or fatigue. Other symptoms that can be considered as more substantial are confusion, having trouble focusing, hyperactivity, thoughts dealing with suicide, lack of sexual desire and performance. Some more rare side effects may be hostile behavior, hypertension, chest pains, palpitations or slow heartbeat, internal bleeding, kidney problems and convulsions.

Those who are using Zoloft may feel the following side effects: vertigo, fatigue, diarrhea, xerostomia, excessive perspiration, problems with sleep and changes in appetite. General reactions with more serious implications include suicidal behavior, reduced sexual performance and low sex drive. Infrequent reactions include palpitations, a slow heartbeat, internal bleeding, liver failure and acute kidney problems.

Pregnant women can use this prescription medicine, but for both Zoloft and Lexapro there are still risks associated with birth defects.

For a logical conclusion and a systematic analysis, it is necessary to review the general advantages and the disadvantages of both of these types of medicine.

The disadvantages for Lexapro are:

  • This drug can be the reason for an insignificant increase in weight (1-5 pounds).
  • Liver issues are a strong argument against the use of Lexapro.
  • If Lexapro proves to be ineffective you might have to switch to other types of drugs to achieve a more substantial result.

The disadvantages for Zoloft are:

  • The release time is slower. It takes about 1 to 2 weeks to produce the needed effect and it can take up to 3 months to achieve maximum result.
  • It may be the cause for low sexual performance, an incapability to achieve orgasm, and slight increase in weight (1-5 pounds).
  • Its usage is more likely to result in loose bowels movements in comparison to other antidepressants.
  • Proved interactions with other types of medicines.
  • If Zoloft proves to be ineffective you might have to switch to other types of drugs to achieve a more substantial result.

lexapro and zoloftThe advantages for Lexapro are:

  • It is an effective measure for alleviating the symptoms of depression or anxiety.
  • Minimized chances for recurrence of depression after its usage.
  • Lexapro interacts less with other medicines unlike antidepressants from the same group and is less likely to cause any side-effects.

The advantages for Zoloft are:

  • It is one of the most effective antidepressants and the one that is overall tolerated the best.
  • Produces less drowsiness than other medicine of this type.
  • It is obtainable as a generic, which makes it considerably less expensive.
  • In case of using it during pregnancy it is considered to be the best choice.

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Withdrawal and Precautions

It is important to remember that the usage of medicine such as Zoloft or lexapro shouldn’t be stopped in a hasty manner. You have to follow precisely the indications of your physician or psychiatrist when it comes to withdrawal. General symptoms after antidepressants withdrawal may include headaches or fatigue. For Zoloft it is possible to experience sensations of electric shock or shivers. Confusion and anxiety are two most frequent withdrawal reactions during reduction of the medicine. You should keep away from drinking alcoholic beverages, driving while on antidepressant or operating machinery because Zoloft and Lexapro may influence your awareness, while alcohol makes matters even worse.

Zoloft Vs Prozac: overview and analysis

Both Zoloft and Prozac medicines are a part of the same faction of antidepressants. Like most types of medicine from SSRI group, the effects are basically the same, though, it should be noted, that their chemical composition does differ and the response can also be different. The prescription is given based on individual cases.

zoloft vs prozacZoloft and Prozac are both being used for management of depression as well as panic attacks.

Prozac is known to be more energizing and a number of patients, who are experiencing bad anxiety, have expressed their concern with this situation and explained that because of this effect it doesn’t help their struggle with anxiety. However, this hasn’t been the case for every person, who has been dealing with this remedy in the past.

That factor is enough to consider Zoloft as an alternative, if the problem is suggesting intense anxiety issues. Your physician is more likely to prescribe Zoloft in this kind of situation.

It is essential to follow the instruction closely and take the pills each day at a similar time. The intake of either Zoloft or Prozac isn’t expected to show an immediate reaction. Several weeks may pass before the results are actually visible. All the patients are strongly advised not to stop the use of this medicine without the permission from their doctor. The rules for storage is very similar for both medicines, you must keep them away from heat and moisture. Also, keep them away from kids of course.

Intake form

Zoloft is taken with a sufficient amount of water. With Prozac, it is a totally different story. The medicine is meant to be released gradually in the organism, so it comes in the form of pills that should not be damaged or opened, because this can cause an overabundance of the medicinal substance at one time.

prozac vs zoloftBoth medicine alternatives are available in liquid condition with a small difference. While Prozac was planned to be complete for intake, Zoloft is only presented in an undiffused form and should be thinned in water or other liquids, such as non-alcoholic beverages. You better read the recommendations carefully, because there is a list of drinks that should be avoided when diluting Zoloft.

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Possible Side-Effects

The list of general drug side effects from this group of medicine may be comprised of signs of allergy, troubled breathing, swelling of various body parts, especially face.

More severe side-effects are associated with behavioral changes, nervousness, panic disorders, insomnia, feelings of anger, agitation, mental or physical hyperactiveness, worsening of depression symptoms, thoughts associated with suicide.

It is very important to seek professional help in case of occurrence of the subsequent signs and symptoms:

  • convulsions
  • muscular twitching or cramps, trembling
  • having trouble focusing or performing certain actions
  • anxiety, confusion, palpitations

Other less common, but still quite significant side-effects may consist of:

  • sleepiness, vertigo, feeling weak
  • vomiting, diarrhea
  • reduced sex drive, or finding it difficult to reach an orgasm

It should be noted that Prozac’s list of side-effects includes a few more and it is essential to list some of them:

  • skin reaction resulting in a rash, irritation or inflammation,
  • rhinorrhea, inflammation of the pharynx, cephalalgia (headache) or signs of influenza;
  • visible changes in weight;
  • dry mouth, amplified perspiration.

Doctors recommend medicine of this kind to be taken in the defined approved dosage, because any contradictions may eventually lead to the appearance of significant side-effects.

When you have missed the prescribed dose

It is very important to point out that if you have missed a dose, you shouldn’t recuperate by taking one extra dose. If you have missed the usual time of taking either Zoloft or Prozac, then you can take it as soon as you can, but if the time for the next dose is close then you should skip on it.

Exceeding the dosage limit

There are high chances for an overdose of both these medicines to lead to the appearance of various symptoms, in which case it is a “MUST” to seek medical help.

Signs of Prozac overdose are usually expressed through unsettled stomach, nausea, agitation, drowsiness, and palpitations, feelings of insecurity, fainting, seizures, or unconsciousness.

Signs of Zoloft overdose are commonly expressed through lightheadedness, drowsiness, unsettled stomach, nausea, fast heartbeat, anxiety, shiver, confusion, convulsions, and unconsciousness.

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Additional Safety Measures

If you have been prescribed either Prozac or Zoloft then you should definitely avoid beverages containing alcohol or any other medicine that influences your sleep directly. Such medicine like pain medication, other antidepressants or anticonvulsive medicine may lead to appearance of certain side effects or interfere with their intensity.

Zoloft as well as Prozac can represent the reason for appearance of side effects that possess the ability to affect your process of thinking or speed of your reactions. Because of these side effects, the ability to focus and concentrate on certain tasks can be problematic. Actions which involve driving or machinery operation have to be avoided while on SSRI medication.

Lexapro VS Paxil: Which one is best for you?

It is important to remember that every antidepressant comes with its own list of downsides and only a qualified specialist is able to prescribe the right medicine for any particular case.

What kind of medicine are Lexapro and Paxil?

lexapro vs paxilLexapro is an SSRI antidepressant that is prescribed for MDD (Major Depressive Disorder), anxiety and depression. It is known for having potentially less side-effects than other medication of this type and purpose.

Lexapro can be also used for other purposes than those listed above.

Paxil is basically being used for similar purposes that include: recovery from depression, stress associated and anxiety. Its dosage should be decreased slowly when ending the process of treatment.

This medicine can be given an off-label prescription for treatment of autonomic dysfunction or Trichotillomania.

Lexapro is considered to be more helpful than paxil when it comes to the therapeutic measures against severe depression. It has also better results for depression joined by anxiety manifestations. Also, lexapro is tolerated better in comparison with paxil. Paxil is known to generate a higher rate of fatigue, vomiting, sleepiness, and tiredness.

paxil lexapro comparisonPaxil (paroxetine) doesn’t only improve mood, but is also an effective measure for treatment of depression disorders and anxiety symptoms. However, it produces more unwelcome reactions than other medicine of this kind.

Improves mood and helps you relax.

Lexapro (escitalopram) improves mood and helps relax more efficiently. It is excellent for treatment of depression related disorders and anxiety. It doesn’t produce as many side effects as other drugs of this kind and has less medicine interactions. However, you should consult your doctor first if you experience any problems with heart or liver.

Paxil and Lexapro Comparison

Let’s take a look at the main advantages and disadvantages of these types of medicine.

Paxil advantages

  • It is accessible in a low-priced, generic form.
  • Can only be taken once a day.

Lexapro advantages

  • Efficient in diminishing depression and anxiety manifestations.
  • Lowers the chances of recurring depression and anxiety episodes.
  • Lexapro doesn’t cause as many side effects as other drugs of this kind and has less medicine interactions.

Paxil disadvantages

  • Taking paxil increases the chances of decreasing sexual drive and performance.
  • When taken by teenagers or children, it possesses the risks of provoking suicidal behavior.
  • May not be considered well-suited for elderly people, who experience dementia.

Lexapro disadvantages

  • Can be the reasons for an insignificant increase in weight (1-5 pounds).
  • Lexapro should be avoided in case of having heart or liver issues.
  • You may have to try other medicine in order to find the one that is best suited for you.

Comparison of The Most Popular Prescribed Antidepressants

A person who is going to take a prescribed medication for depression, should know the main advantages and disadvantages of different drugs in order to fully understand what to expect. Basically, there are 3 large groups of antidepressants that are most of all prescribed in the United States:

  • Tricyclic antidepressants (Amitriptyline, Amoxapine);
  • SSRIs (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors) include such brand titles as Prozac, Zoloft, Paxil, Lexapro, Celexa, etc.;
  • MAOI (monoamine oxidase inhibitors) with such FDA-confirmed meds as Marplan, Nardil, Emsam.

Tricyclic antidepressants: pros and cons

This is the oldest group of antidepressants, which have been used since the middle of the last century. However, although this group of antidepressants is outdated, it has some advantages:

  • A large evidence base. Over the long years of existence, tricyclic antidepressants have been investigated a lot;
  • There are the injection forms. You can use these antidepressants in circumstances where the patient is aggressive and refuses to take pills. In addition, the injection form of the drug acts quickly, so, if necessary, it can be used in case of the suicidal threat;
  • Low cost. These drugs are used by people with a low budget;
  • Stimulate the appetite. Tricyclic antidepressants are indicated to patients who, due to depression, refuse to eat and lose weight drastically;
  • Provides the analgesic activity. This can be useful for the patients who suffer from chronic pain syndrome.

Disadvantages of tricyclic antidepressants:

  • Cross-resistance. If one of the tricyclic antidepressants did not work, there is no sense in using another one;
  • A narrow therapeutic range. You can’t significantly increase the dose, because such decision is usually followed by side effects;
  • Many side effects. Tricyclic antidepressants may disrupt the heart rhythm, increase the risk of seizures if a person suffers from epilepsy. If taken in large doses, they can significantly reduce blood pressure, cause sustained constipation and urinary retention;
  • Poor drug tolerance. Tricyclic antidepressants can’t be recommended for the treatment of chronic depressions. In addition, this group of drugs has a huge number of contraindications, which limits their use as well;
  • Can’t be used during pregnancy and lactation. Tricyclic antidepressants may penetrate the placenta and spoil the breast milk;
  • Strong soothing effect. The patient taking these drugs becomes inhibited after taking the pill and the efficacy rate is sharply reduced. Such patients during the period of treatment can’t perform normal work that requires increased concentration, drive a car and control any vehicles.

SSRIs: advantages and disadvantages

Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors are the most commonly used group of antidepressants of mild-to-moderate severity. Advantages of this pharmacological group:

  • High compliance with other pills. SSRIs are well tolerated, have a low risk of side effects. They should be taken only 1-2 times a day and are easily dosed (do not require a gradual increase of the daily dose);
  • Reduce appetite in patients with obesity, metabolic syndrome, diabetes mellitus – all those who can’t gain weight;
  • High security profile. The SSRIs have a very few contraindications, they can be used by elderly and weakened patients. In addition, the high safety makes it possible to increase dosage in the case of being resistant to other antidepressants;
  • There is no evident hypnotic and sedative effect. A person gets rid of depression and does not become inhibited to these pills, does not lose his ability to work with vehicles;
  • Overdose is almost impossible. A person who is prone to suicide will not be able to take SSRIs to end his life even after taking the whole bottle.

Disadvantages of SSRIs:

  • Slow development of the therapeutic effect. The maximum therapeutic effect is achieved only after 3-4 weeks of regular intake. SSRIs can’t be used as an emergency medicine for severe depression;
  • Weaker clinical effect. The drug can not eliminate all symptoms of depression, they are almost useless for chronic depression;
  • Strong adverse effects. Initially, SSRI treatment can increase insomnia and anxiety;
  • Poor sexual function. These drugs for depression reduce sexual desire, pleasant sensations during sex, can make orgasm impossible and cause the problems with ejaculation for men;
  • Can badly interact with many drugs. A person who is being treated for other non-depressive illnesses should consult a physician before starting an SSRI course. Otherwise, he may suffer from side effects caused by the drug interactions.

MAOIs: pluses and minuses

Monoamine oxidase inhibitors are another group of antidepressants. Advantages of MAOI:

  • Can be used by elderly patients. These drugs are not harmful, but on the contrary, are useful for the heart. MAO inhibitors do not have cholinolytic activity and lack many side effects characteristic for the other groups of popular antidepressants;
  • Effective for treating panic attacks and social phobia. These drugs are preferred from depression in cases where a person isolates himself from communicating with other people and is extremely negative about interlocutors who impose a contact;
  • Stimulation instead of sedation. While other drugs for depression have a more or less pronounced calming effect, MAO inhibitors act as stimulants. Therefore, they are effective for treating depression, accompanied by asthenia.
  • Good tolerability. The safety profile is higher than that of SSRIs, and even more so than in tricyclic antidepressants.
  • High efficiency for treating atypical depression. This mental disorder is characterized by unusual clinical manifestations: increased appetite instead of reducing it, weight gain instead of weight loss, drowsiness instead of insomnia.

The MAO inhibitor group is very heterogeneous. These pills can be selective and non-selective, reversible and irreversible.

MAOIs have a number of cons:

  • Negative effects on liver function;
  • Incompatibility with many drugs;
  • Incompatibility with many foods (ice cream, some types of wines, caviar, smoked products, cheese);
  • Incompatibility with alcohol and caffeine.

Be sure to consult with your doctor before using any antidepressants. Such wise decision will prevent the appearance of side effects and possible negative drug interactions.

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