Causes of Female Depression

Any disease is easier to prevent than treating, so it is equally important to know about the causes of depression un women and, if possible, prevent its development.

It is very important to consult a doctor and start a medication in time. You should order antidepressants in a proven pharmacy. Effective and proven, such as Wellbutrin, Lexapro and others.

The origins of the disease can be both genetic and acquired:

  1. Genetic causes of depression in women

If a woman has already had a disease, especially in a clinical form, other family members may experience the same problems. But this does not mean that if your mother suffered from depression, then you 100% will get sick with this ailment.

  1. Biochemical factors

Specialists note that in women suffering from major depression, the biochemical processes in the brain are different from the usual ones. The disorder can also be caused by taking certain medications, in particular hormonal drugs. It is often the case that drugs taken by a woman, on the contrary, softened the manifestations of depression.

  1. The social environment

The triggering mechanism that triggers depression is often the stresses of the surrounding world. Loss of a loved one, conflict with relatives, birth of a child, credit and other financial problems, loss of work – all this can provoke the development of depression in a woman. In the absence of organized personal life, when a woman is forced to provide a family alone, the probability of depression under a certain stock of character grows several fold. Also, a complex relationship with the spouse, the lack of happiness in marriage can trigger a depressive disorder. The social causes of depression among women include also the abuse of alcohol and drugs. Light emotional disorders in the background are exacerbated by pernicious habits, provoking the development of the disease.

  1. Other psychological and social reasons

Pessimists and people with reduced self-esteem are more prone to depressive disorders. Self-esteem in women is unstable and often depends on external factors, from admiration and approval of people around. Inability to adequately respond to stress and negative manifestations of the outside world provokes a prolonged spleen and emotional disorders. Women are more likely to think negatively, so it is more difficult for them to resist stress. If we consider the causes of depression in women on the basis of their life path, each age range will have its origins in the onset of the disease.

  1. Reproductive age

The behavior of women depends on hormones, their mood is highly influenced by the menstrual cycle, pregnancy, postpartum period, menopause. Having infertility or a conscious decision not to have children can also cause depression. If a woman has a pronounced postpartum depression, then she has experienced similar difficulties before. Postpartum depression can manifest itself with mild mood changes, boredom attacks, and can take the form of a serious illness accompanied by a loss of ability to care for the child. Even a conscious abortion does not always lead to a long spleen and psychosomatic disorders. Postpartum depression occurs in 10-15% of women.

  1. Elderly age

Old people despite their gender are prone to melancholy, remaining alone. The feeling of abandonment can torment a woman very much. It is important to look for inspiration and meaning of life in grandchildren, hobbies, gardening, etc.

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