Depression in Men: Signs and Symptoms

Even though statistics show that women are more prone to experiencing depression, however, this doesn’t change the fact that male population is great risk as well. Seeking treatment is very important as many men don’t realize the real consequences of this condition. It should be clear that this is not something only women can experience.

Both sexes can be affected by depression in equal measure. Its symptoms are harmful for both personal interactions and daily tasks. We can conclude that these symptoms are common for representatives of both genders. The question is: How are these problems manifested in men? As a matter of fact, clinical depression concerns men and women. It is able to ruin relationships and interfere with life events. The manifestations of depression in men are almost identical to those experienced by women. But men are predisposed to express those manifestations differently. The list of commonly experienced symptoms includes changes of mood and appetite, indifference, lack of interests for activities that brought pleasure in the past, insomnia and fatigue. It is more typical for women to be inclined towards feeling sadness or experiencing a certain hopelessness or worthlessness. Men, on the other hand, may become more aggressive and hostile, they may become socially isolated.

Recognizing the existing problem

It is not that easy to identify depression in men for several reasons. There is this commonly adopted attitude that doesn’t permit men to confess their weaknesses or recognize the existence of a problem. Men are usually being much less emotional, because this is how they are being thought of in many cultures and they have to correspond to this image. They will more likely talk about symptoms associated with their physical state, such as fatigue than uncover those related to emotions.

Is the sexual desire taking a hit?

Yes it does. Depression can manifest certain influence over sexual performance. Medication can also affect it in a similar way. Men don’t like admitting such problems and will most likely consider this to be a case of something unrelated to clinical depression.

Why is it difficult for men to accept depression?

The social background has to be taken into account when identifying and finding the right treatment solutions for depression. Men are generally viewed as fearless leaders, who have to bear the weight of the world on their shoulders. Success and control is what a man should aspire to. Expectations are high and culture plays an important role here. This is where the true manifestations of depression can hide. Men will try to act tough by being more aggressive. This is a psychological way of masking the existing problem.

Are elderly men more exposed to depression?

Depression does not go hand in hand with the natural process of aging. However, many factors, including chronic pain, cardiovascular diseases, various medical conditions or loss of close ones can lead to the appearance of symptoms related to depression. Retirement can also be included as a factor of risk, because there will be no scope in following a balanced regimen. A sudden change of pace can result in an increased risk of depression. Probably the most difficult thing would be to cope with the death of family members or friends.

Treatment and preventive measures

Depression is successfully treated in most cases both for men and women. The usual course of therapy may last for several weeks or months, depending on the severity of symptoms. Be sure to consult your primary care physician and a psychiatrist before as soon as possible. It is important to rule out any other health issues that may give similar symptoms. Antidepressants as well as psychotherapy or their combination plays an important role in the process of treatment. Do you want to buy antidepressants? Do not forget to go to your doctor beforehand.

There are many preventive measures that can be applied in order to minimize the potential risks. A well-balanced nutrition and regular physical exercises are among the most effective ones. Spending more time in recreational areas and engaging into various social activities is a great way to keep your mental health in check.

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