Lexapro and Wellbutrin: How well do They Interact?

Wellbutrin or Bupropion has fewer side effects than other medicine that’s being used to manage depression symptoms. It is nonetheless quite an effective remedy, but you should be careful with alcohol use throughout the treatment period. What is peculiar about this antidepressant is that in some cases it is known to cause seizures or increase the likelihood of their occurrence.

This happens if case the patient is suffering from eating disorder or consumes alcohol. So, alcohol abuse doesn’t go well with wellbutrin because of this particular side effect. It is considered to be less effective when it comes to treatment of anxiety.

Wellbutrin’s has Zyban in its composition, this a medication that helps those, who want to quit smoking. It is highly undesirable to take these two types of medicine at the same time. A similar problem will antidepressant remedies consists in increased risks of suicidal behavior, especially for adolescents. It doesn’t affect sexual desire or performance as much as other antidepressants; it may even benefit the sex drive in some cases. Helps keep appetite in check and can be quite energizing.

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Lexapro or Escitalopram is also an effective remedy when we talk about depression symptoms and anxiety disorders. Unlike wellbutrin, it is used much more often for treatment of anxiety issues. It doesn’t produce as many side effects as other drugs of this kind and has less medicine interactions. However, you should be cautious in case you are experiencing any current problems with heart or liver. Its effectiveness has been proven by a large number of patients. Lexapro lowers the chances of recurring depression.

Medical Interactions

Before taking lexapro together with wellbutrin, the first thing you should do is consult your doctor, because every case is unique and should be approached in a specific manner. Any changes in your treatment should be closely monitored by a professional in this field. This combination should be viewed as potentially risky. Both these medicines combined may increase the risks for having an episode of seizure.

If you decide to include in your treatment process both lexapro and wellbutrin, your doctor should be the first one to find out about your plans. If you experienced a seizure you should seek medical help right away. Your physician may already be informed of such an interaction and should be supervising your treatment. It is not recommended changing the dosage or the type of medicine without checking it first with your professional healthcare provider.

Additionally, wellbutrin can enhance the blood levels of lexapro and this may lead to the appearance of other side effects. The right dosage is what defines the narrow balance in the combination of these drugs. You are at higher risk of having seizures if you make abuse of alcohol or suffer from a condition that affects the central nervous system. Other combinations of antidepressants may represent a better alternative for your particular case and only your doctor can prescribe you the right medicine and the right dosage. Your doctor should have all the information concerning the medicine you are taking at the moment; this includes vitamins and herbal remedies. Don’t stop the use of antidepressants without consulting your doctor first.

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