Paxil VS Wellbutrin: Overview and Comparison

paxil vs wellbutrin

Paxil (paroxetine) doesn’t only improve mood, but is also an effective measure for treatment of depression, anxiety disorder, panic disorder and postpartum depression. In order to minimize the risks of possible side effects, its dosage has to be decreased gradually upon discontinuation.

Paxil can be also used for other purposes than those listed above.

Wellbutrin is usually being prescribed for treatment of Major Depressive Disorder (MDD); however, roughly 10% of those who use it discontinue wellbutrin because of negative reactions (such as anxiety, confusion and nausea).

Wellbutrin can be also used for other purposes than those listed above.

Paxil is a highly efficient medication for management of depressive disorder and anxiety related symptoms. However, it produces more unwelcome reactions than other medicine of this kind.

Wellbutrin is also effective when it comes to treatment of depression, but it possesses fewer side effects related to sexual aspects than other similar drugs. When taking wellbutrin, it is important to avoid alcohol consumption.

Paxil advantages

  • It is accessible in a low-priced, generic form.
  • Paxil can only be used only once a day.

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Wellbutrin advantages

  • Successfully reduces the manifestations of depression.
  • Sexual related side effects are less likely to come into play, unlike for other medication of this type. It may actually improve this aspect for is some cases.
  • It can be administered simultaneously with other medicine to neutralize effects.
  • Can be stimulating, has shown excitant effects.
  • Is able to improve the condition of those experiencing ADHD symptoms.
  • It is also being used to keep in check appetite and help stop smoking.
  • The percentage of people, who find this medicine effective after taking it for the first time, is 60%.

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Paxil disadvantages

  • Taking paxil may result in a certain amount of decrease of sexual drive and performance.
  • When taken by teenagers or children, it possesses the risks of provoking suicidal expressions.
  • May not be considered well-suited for elderly people, who experience dementia.

Wellbutrin disadvantages

  • Wellbutrin can be stimulating, so you have to look out for anxiety symptoms or insomnia in the beginning of the treatment period.
  • It is usually being less prescribed for people suffering from anxiety.
  • In some cases it is known to cause seizures or increase the likelihood of their occurrence. May also cause eating disorder, due to increased alcohol consumption. This medication is not recommended for people who prefer drinking alcoholic beverages.
  • Wellbutrin has Zyban in its chemical structure, this a medication that helps those, who want to quit smoking. It is highly undesirable to take these two types of medicine at the same time.
  • Similarly to other medicine of this kind, it can be the reason of suicidal behavior in case of adolescents.
  • It may not be the most efficient antidepressant and you may have to switch to another one. It may also be the cause for undesired side effects which would also result in switching to another medicine.

Paxil and Wellbutrin do have an interaction. Talk to your doctor about other possible combinations if you experience any negative effects.

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