How Is It Possible to Treat Female Depression Without Drugs?

depression in women

Antidepressants are not able to completely and immediately relieve depression in women, but they can weaken many of the symptoms and deliver a sense of stability. You should know and remember that they are only part of the treatment of depression. In order to get rid of female depression, a person must work on himself, change his view of many things.

It’s not easy, but it’s possible. In order not to develop a cold, you need to support the body as well as your soul. Also, it is necessary to strengthen the nervous system, normalize the emotional background.

The combinatory treatment of depression includes also psychotherapy. The therapist will teach the patient to control his feelings and emotions. This will help the patient to deal with stressful situations, strengthen the effect of medications. The patient will learn to think positively, get rid of the habit of seeing the negative in everything.

If the patient has symptoms of reactive depression that have arisen after severe experiences, a person refuses to eat, is too aggressive, loses confidence in himself and his actions, he has suicide attempts, then the attending physician will recommend hospitalization. With this problem help to cope with specialized clinics.

Mild forms of seasonal depression can be cured at home. A good folk remedy for depression is food. If you have increased irritability, a bad mood – eat a chocolate/banana or rather a plate of oatmeal. All these products contain tryptophan, which promotes the formation of serotonin, which improves mood.

To other non-traditional methods of depression treatment can be added:

  • Aromatherapy;
  • Yoga and fitness;
  • Breathing exercises.

Correctly chosen by a licensed doctor medical preparations, psychotherapy, healthy diet and an active lifestyle – all this will help cope with depression. It is necessary to follow these recommendations and believe that the ailment will leave you.

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