Seroquel Interactions

Seroquel and Alcohol Interaction

seroquel and alcohol

It is highly recommended for patients, who are experiencing some sort of mental disorder, to exclude the consumption of alcohol all together. On early stages, some patients may turn to alcoholic beverages in a hope to alleviate their state, but this only can lead to worsening of symptoms associated with depression and anxiety. Alcohol doesn’t sit well with a simultaneous use of Seroquel and patients are usually advised to quit drinking at least during the period of treatment. It is necessary to consult with a physician or a mental health specialist to consider the minimal amount of alcohol that won’t cause any negative effects on the treatment process. It is important to rule out any possibilities of harmful effects over the patients existing mental health state.

Alcohol is dangerous because the potential side effects associated with the use of Seroquel can be amplified. Such side effects as fatigue and hypotension may present a threat for the patient’s wellbeing. That is not all there is to it because the effects of alcohol also amplified by consuming it together with Seroquel. This leaves the patient in the situation where the effects of alcohol consuming may interfere with cognitive and motor abilities in a greater measure. These are the main reasons to consider, when confronting this problem during the process of treatment with antipsychotic medicine. Being monitored in this situation is very important and the patient shouldn’t be left alone if he’s drinking alcohol because this may lead to other negative effects.

Not all forms of alcohol include only alcoholic beverages. Sometimes there are situations when it is hard to identify alcohol in some products. For example few people know that there’s alcohol present in some medications. Even a small amount is enough to have an influence over your body. Most types of medicine that are used for treating cold as well as some nasal sprays include alcohol in their chemical structure. Medication that provokes sleepiness should also be closely observed when taking it together with Seroquel. If you have any concerns regarding any medication, you should talk with your doctor about these aspects.

Weight Changes

seroquel and weight

Antipsychotic medicine is known to produce some changes in weight, usually it is weight gain. Seroquel is not an exception in its class, but it should be noted that each drug has its own characteristics. The numbers differ and for a better understanding of this process it is necessary to monitor closely the weight at baseline and frequently thereafter. Seroquel is expected to increase your levels of sugar and cholesterol in blood causing you to add weight. In order to lower this risk, you have to adopt a balanced diet and an efficient workout routine.

Seroquel Administration during Pregnancy

Seroquel during Pregnancy

The usage of Seroquel throughout pregnancy represents a general concern for women who experience some sort of mental illness. It would be only natural to think of a way to balance out the effects of a particular drug and the wellbeing of the developing baby. Seroquel is a quite new antipsychotic drug that doesn’t have any solid evidence of its harmful effects during pregnancy. There’s not enough data that would suggest tangible facts concerning possible side effects. The best thing to do in this situation is to consult with your mental health specialist and identify the best solution for your medical condition. It is highly recommended being closely monitored during this period if you have any concerns.

Seroquel and Cannabis Interaction

Seroquel and Cannabis Interaction

Some of the most popular antipsychotic drugs include: Zyprexa, Abilify, Geodon, Clozaril and Seroquel. These types of drugs are considered to be tranquilizers as they possess sedating effects. Cannabis is a substance that also has sedating potential and thus creating interactions with Seroquel and other drugs from this class. Look out for any side effects monitor any unusual symptoms. It is possible for cannabis to increase the effects of antipsychotic drugs, but this suggestion isn’t proven by any substantial data. Symptoms that should be closely monitored include: anxiety, extreme sedation, slow movements and impaired thinking.

Seroquel and Xanax

seroquel xanax

Using Xanax at the same time with Seroquel is not recommended. This may amplify side effects such as lightheadedness, tiredness, anxiety, and impaired thinking. Avoiding the alcohol intake is also a crucial aspect in taking these two medicines together. It is important to avoid any actions that require focus such as operating machinery and driving. First of all you should identify the effects caused by these medicines. Consult your physician if you have any concerns or have additional questions. Your doctor should be aware of the medicine you are currently taking, including supplements and vitamins. Don’t stop the use of antipsychotic drugs until you talk to your doctor.

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