Signs and Symptoms of Depression in Women

The National Mental Health Association tells us that the number of women that will experience depression sometimes during their lifetime is staggering. About one in every eight women is expected have signs of depression. Good news is that this condition generally responds well to treatment and the patient will feel much better in a matter of weeks, depending on the severity of their symptoms. Do not forget about medications, you can buy antidepressants online in our pharmacy.

Women have a lot on their plate. They play many roles without even realizing all the negative influences they get from doing so. All the troubles associated with ups and downs are being accumulated and eventually result in mood changes. Hormones and life events play an important role in the changes in emotional levels. Depression is the kind of illness that can destroy relationships and make it hard for a person to engage in daily activities or various hobbies that were able to bring much joy in the past. The worsening of social life is another factor that’s only aggravating the existing condition. This is a vicious cycle that may appear as a result of different factors or a combination of them. Depression can last weeks or even months and it is important to search for help of a professional as soon as possible.

It is not a surprise that women have the chance of developing a depression more often than men do.

Signs and Symptoms of Depression in Women

The list of signs of depression in women may include the following symptoms:

  • A feeling of emptiness and hopelessness
  • Sadness and loss of enjoyment for various activities, including sexual relations
  • Crying most of them time, feeling restless or irritated
  • Being mostly pessimistic and feeling guilty
  • Troubles falling asleep (insomnia) or sleeping too much
  • Weight gain or loss as a consequence of changes in appetite
  • Feeling tired or “slowed down”
  • Thoughts related to death or attempts of suicide
  • Having a hard time focusing or remembering any information
  • Experiencing recurring headaches, stomach aches or chronic pain that does not respond to treatment

Is There any difference between Male and Female Depression?

There certainly is, because women are more likely to experience a set of symptoms than men. Shifts in mood can be associated with changing seasons. This is considered to be due to lack of sunlight. Also, there are higher chances for women to acquire the symptoms of atypical depression.

Atypical depression is known as having a totally opposite set of behavioral symptoms. For example, instead of eating less, a person is more likely to gain weight from sleeping much more than usual. The same goes for sleeping. A woman is more likely to experience the feeling of guilt. Thyroid problems can be considered factor for development of depression. It is important to rule out this possibility by getting a medical check-up.

Treatment Solutions for Depression

First of all, it is rather important to consult with your family doctor or see a psychologist for a precise diagnosis of your condition. In the process of treatment can be involved diverse methods that have a different efficiency rate. A “talk therapy”, electroconvulsive therapy or antidepressants may be prescribed in order to combat the symptoms of depression.

Most of the treatment methods will be more efficient together with certain changes in lifestyle. These may include: a healthy and balanced diet, spending more time outside and taking walks through recreation areas. Physical exercises and various activities of such kind are known to improve mood and be an effective countermeasure against depression. A family therapy may be required if the cause of your depression is associated with your close ones. Remember, you should consult your doctor or health provider in order to get the best treatment program.

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