Signs and Symptoms of Endogenous Depression

Endogenous depression is another type of clinical depressive disorder. It is being less often diagnosed now, because it is currently known just as MDD or clinical depression. This form of depression is characterized through long periods of unhappiness and severe feelings of sadness. These symptoms are very often the reason for significant physical changes, such as appetite and sleep. The causes of depression are still not very clear, but researchers believe this to be a blend of several factors, such as genetics, psychology, environment and biological factors.

What’s interesting about endogenous depression is that it doesn’t develop as a result of trauma or anxiety. It is not cause by outside factors. Biological and genetic factors are being taken into consideration instead.

The exogenous depression, on the other hand, occurs as a result of traumatic events or stressful situations.

Specialists don’t longer differentiate these two types of depression. Now both these types are being diagnosed as major depressive disorder.

Signs and Symptoms Endogenous Depression

It should be noted that the signs of endogenous depression appear in an unexpected manner. The intensity of these symptoms is unique for every case. They include:

  • constant feelings of misery or despair
  • lack of interest for daily activities and hobbies, loss of sexual drive
  • persistent exhaustion
  • trouble finding motivation
  • finding it hard to concentrate, think, or make decisions
  • having sleep problems, insomnia
  • social withdrawal
  • suicide related thoughts or attempts
  • chronic pains and headaches
  • changes in appetite

The Diagnosis Endogenous Depression

A mental health specialist or your healthcare provider can diagnose major depressive disorder. They will have to look through the medical history. It is important to tell whether you are taking any medicine or are experiencing any other health conditions. You should also notify your doctor about the history of MDD in your family.

You will be asked to tell about your symptoms as well. All the information concerning the severity of your symptoms, the time of their occurrence and the period of their manifestation are really important for a precise diagnosis. A series of specific questions will help identify whether a person is experiencing MDD.

Treatment and Preventive Measures for Endogenous Depression

It is not easy to get rid of such a mental disorder, but with the help of medication and therapy the results will be positive.

The most often used medication is antidepressants. These are prescribed by doctors or psychiatrists. Only a specialist in the field is able to identify the right type of medicine and its dosage. This medicine helps balance out the brain chemicals which results in decrease and eventual disappearance of the depressive symptoms. The process of treatment shouldn’t be interrupted prematurely, because of the relapse risk. If medicine proves to be ineffective then your doctor should look for an alternative.

Psychotherapy or “talk therapy” should also be involved in the process of treatment, as the combination between therapy and medication offers the best results. In our online pharmacy you can buy antidepressants without going to the doctor.

The method with a rich history is Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT). It may be prescribed when other methods prove to be ineffective against depressive symptoms. Over the years this therapy has greatly evolved, but it is still considered as one of the most effective measures in combating MDD.

A number of lifestyle changes can improve your condition. These include adopting a well-balanced diet, consisting of whole grains, protein and more vegetables. Participating is social activities and working out are great ways to keep your mind and body in good shape.

If left untreated, depression can last for months or even years. The right treatment, prescribed at an early stage will be able to get you back in shape in a matter of a few months.

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