Symptoms of Depression in Women

depression in women

Every person has symptoms of depression at least once in their lives. Depression is a mental disorder, accompanied by a loss of efficiency and decreased mood and a disturbance in thinking process. In this state, a person’s self-esteem is reduced. To increase it, sometimes a person resorts to alcoholic beverages or narcotic substances. Of course, a depressive condition can be treated but only with the professional treatment involving the use of antidepressants and psychotherapy.

Depression in women: statistics

American psychiatrists believe that in women, the risk of developing depression is twice as high as that of men. To date, in the United States, approximately 7 million women are diagnosed as “depressed”. What are the explanations for these facts scientists propose?

The male psyche is designed so that an attempt to understand their experiences and find their source can direct them to the path of healing. In general, men often try not to show their own experiences and like to sink into some work to distract. Women will dig into themselves until the strength and duration of depression will not grow at times. Women have to force themselves to be distracted from their own experiences, literally pull them out of the house.

At the heart of women’s depression is often physical and sexual violence. According to US statistics, up to 37% of women under the age of 21 were repeatedly subjected to violence and other abusive actions. The resulting experiences in this way increase the psychological trauma and can trigger the onset of depression.

According to the global statistics today, depression is observed in 10% of the population of our planet. There is a tendency of growing number of women with depression after the age of 40 years, mainly due to malfunctions in the hormonal background and the onset of menopause.

The peculiarities of female depression

It is believed that depression in women is manifested via the “sad” mood and lack of pleasure from any deeds. In fact, for depression in most cases, the disappearance of appetite, sleep disorders, a significant decrease in body weight. It is interesting that some people look the other way around: there is an excessive appetite and excessive drowsiness.

Another social factor, which causes depression in women is marriage. Married men and unmarried women are much less likely to get depressed compared to unhappy women. Low income, the presence of a small child also opens the gate for depression.

The role of the physiological features of the female organism plays a role in the risk of depression. Physicians have established a connection between hormonal bursts and mood changes. Birth of a child, menstruation, menopause is also a potential factor in the development of depression.

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Major features of depression in women

Symptoms of female depression are extensive and affect both the emotional background of a woman and bodily manifestations. When diagnosing, you need to take into account that there should be several signs of a depressive disorder that bother the woman for more than 2 weeks, prevent her from fully living and working. In short, they are quite pronounced and permanent. Among the emotional manifestations of female depression, it is customary to distinguish:

  • Feeling sad all the time;
  • Feeling despaired, loss of meaning in a life;
  • Aggravation of various fears and phobias;
  • Disturbing thoughts, accompanied by internal tension and a premonition of trouble;
  • Irritability without special reasons;
  • Feelings of guilt and self-flagellation;
  • Decreased self-esteem;
  • A woman becomes emotionless;
  • There is an increased anxiety and concern about the health and fate of close people;
  • There is a fear of making a mistake in the performance of public affairs.
  • Insomnia or increased drowsiness;
  • Violated bowel function. Most often, constipation occurs.
  • Significantly reduced libido. Sex becomes uninteresting and unnecessary;
  • Difficulty in concentrating;
  • Difficulties in making decisions;
  • Suicidal thoughts.

The specialist usually diagnoses “depression” on the basis of several signs that manifest at least 2-3 weeks. Only complex diagnostics can reveal the presence of depression, its current stage and form. Therefore, self-diagnosis is an important factor in the prevention and treatment of mental disorders.

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