Teen Depression – Signs, Test, Symptoms, Reasons

teen depression

teen depression

Would it be a surprise to find out that an adolescent, whose behavior leaves a lot to be desired, is facing a real teen depression? It is not unusual for teens to feel down at times. They are going through major changes in their life and all the hormone activity just adds extra fuel to the fire. It is already an unstable medium that creates mood swings and irritability. However, statistics show that depression can be actually the cause for this behavior in at least one out of eight cases. The good news is that there’s effective treatment that can stop the progression of symptoms and completely rebuilt the healthy mindset. Professional help will be required, if these disturbing symptoms persist for more than two weeks.

What are the characteristics of a teen depression?

Is it really depression or something else?

It is already difficult to tell what a teen is feeling at the moment, and when we talk about symptoms of depression then it becomes even more troublesome. Growing up is a process which displays the whole range of emotions, from irritability and negativity to antisocial behavior.

At a younger age there might be signs of depression associated with separation from parents and the fear of death. These children often lose any interest in different activities that involve their peers.

Many common symptoms of depression for both teenagers and adults include:

  • A worsening situation with the school or college performance.
  • Major changes in appearance.
  • Negative and/or rebellious actions.
  • Changes in thinking and adopting of various uncommon beliefs.
  • Increase or drastic decrease of appetite and as a result substantial weight gain or loss.
  • An agitated condition or, on the contrary, a blank stare coupled with little movement and laziness, unwillingness for doing anything at all.
  • Lack of energy and feeling tired most of the time.
  • Excessive self-criticism and feeling of guilt. An adopted idea that everything is his/her fault.
  • An obsession with the idea that life is worth nothing.
teen depression

teen depression

What are the reasons for teen depression?

There are many aspects that may lead to the development of metal illnesses including depression. We will specify some of them.

  • Issues related to low self-esteem, various problems at school/college. Lack of confidence related to obesity or other physical aspects.
  • A trauma associated with witnessing disturbing events, such as physical violence or sexual abuse
  • Such conditions as bipolar disorder, anorexia, bulimia or a personality disorder.
  • Having short attention span or a hyperactivity disorder
  • Chronic illness, diabetes, allergy or asthma
  • Physical limitations
  • Use of drugs, alcohol and other unhealthy substances

Possible complications

Neglecting the signs of depression can lead to an increased emotional tension and ulterior problems in every area of life of an adolescent. It is very important to pay close attention to any manifestations of depression and address a professional in this field. Possible complications for an untreated mental disorder may include:

  • Abuse of alcohol and drugs
  • Problems with academic performance
  • Troubles forming relationships and keeping contact with parents
  • Possible involvement with the juvenile justice system
  • Thoughts of suicide
teen depression

teen depression

Treatment and return to a ‘normal’ life

Similar lines can be drawn between the symptoms of depression for adults and children. This actually assists the process of treatment as it gives more information on the apparition of the first signs.

A psychologist is able to implement in his medical practice special methods of thinking that help both children and teenagers get over their problems. These specific skills will improve their mental health and remove all signs of depression.

Antidepressants represent an integral part in the process of treatment. Don’t try to buy any of those without having a prescription from your family doctor. Only a specialist can create an effective treatment plan and include the right set of medicine with the specified dosage. Get this medicine only from verified sources that possess a high level of trust. Buying antidepressants online would save time and effort.

It is unlikely that symptoms of depression will go away without any intervention from a doctor or a pediatrician. These may only get worse if left untreated. Time is a crucial aspect that can’t be neglected in this case. Teenagers are at risk of committing suicide or any other harmful actions.

An important step for a patients suffering from major depressive disorder would be to adopt an altered way of thinking. Preventive measures are also a highly effective way of combating this illness if there are present certain circumstances that may lead to its appearance. Adopting healthy lifestyle is the first preventive measure not only for depression but other mental and physical conditions as well.

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