Zoloft Vs Prozac: overview and analysis

Both Zoloft and Prozac medicines are a part of the same faction of antidepressants. Like most types of medicine from SSRI group, the effects are basically the same, though, it should be noted, that their chemical composition does differ and the response can also be different. The prescription is given based on individual cases.

zoloft vs prozacZoloft and Prozac are both being used for management of depression as well as panic attacks.

Prozac is known to be more energizing and a number of patients, who are experiencing bad anxiety, have expressed their concern with this situation and explained that because of this effect it doesn’t help their struggle with anxiety. However, this hasn’t been the case for every person, who has been dealing with this remedy in the past.

That factor is enough to consider Zoloft as an alternative, if the problem is suggesting intense anxiety issues. Your physician is more likely to prescribe Zoloft in this kind of situation.

It is essential to follow the instruction closely and take the pills each day at a similar time. The intake of either Zoloft or Prozac isn’t expected to show an immediate reaction. Several weeks may pass before the results are actually visible. All the patients are strongly advised not to stop the use of this medicine without the permission from their doctor. The rules for storage is very similar for both medicines, you must keep them away from heat and moisture. Also, keep them away from kids of course.

Intake form

Zoloft is taken with a sufficient amount of water. With Prozac, it is a totally different story. The medicine is meant to be released gradually in the organism, so it comes in the form of pills that should not be damaged or opened, because this can cause an overabundance of the medicinal substance at one time.

prozac vs zoloftBoth medicine alternatives are available in liquid condition with a small difference. While Prozac was planned to be complete for intake, Zoloft is only presented in an undiffused form and should be thinned in water or other liquids, such as non-alcoholic beverages. You better read the recommendations carefully, because there is a list of drinks that should be avoided when diluting Zoloft.

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Possible Side-Effects

The list of general drug side effects from this group of medicine may be comprised of signs of allergy, troubled breathing, swelling of various body parts, especially face.

More severe side-effects are associated with behavioral changes, nervousness, panic disorders, insomnia, feelings of anger, agitation, mental or physical hyperactiveness, worsening of depression symptoms, thoughts associated with suicide.

It is very important to seek professional help in case of occurrence of the subsequent signs and symptoms:

  • convulsions
  • muscular twitching or cramps, trembling
  • having trouble focusing or performing certain actions
  • anxiety, confusion, palpitations

Other less common, but still quite significant side-effects may consist of:

  • sleepiness, vertigo, feeling weak
  • vomiting, diarrhea
  • reduced sex drive, or finding it difficult to reach an orgasm

It should be noted that Prozac’s list of side-effects includes a few more and it is essential to list some of them:

  • skin reaction resulting in a rash, irritation or inflammation,
  • rhinorrhea, inflammation of the pharynx, cephalalgia (headache) or signs of influenza;
  • visible changes in weight;
  • dry mouth, amplified perspiration.

Doctors recommend medicine of this kind to be taken in the defined approved dosage, because any contradictions may eventually lead to the appearance of significant side-effects.

When you have missed the prescribed dose

It is very important to point out that if you have missed a dose, you shouldn’t recuperate by taking one extra dose. If you have missed the usual time of taking either Zoloft or Prozac, then you can take it as soon as you can, but if the time for the next dose is close then you should skip on it.

Exceeding the dosage limit

There are high chances for an overdose of both these medicines to lead to the appearance of various symptoms, in which case it is a “MUST” to seek medical help.

Signs of Prozac overdose are usually expressed through unsettled stomach, nausea, agitation, drowsiness, and palpitations, feelings of insecurity, fainting, seizures, or unconsciousness.

Signs of Zoloft overdose are commonly expressed through lightheadedness, drowsiness, unsettled stomach, nausea, fast heartbeat, anxiety, shiver, confusion, convulsions, and unconsciousness.

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Additional Safety Measures

If you have been prescribed either Prozac or Zoloft then you should definitely avoid beverages containing alcohol or any other medicine that influences your sleep directly. Such medicine like pain medication, other antidepressants or anticonvulsive medicine may lead to appearance of certain side effects or interfere with their intensity.

Zoloft as well as Prozac can represent the reason for appearance of side effects that possess the ability to affect your process of thinking or speed of your reactions. Because of these side effects, the ability to focus and concentrate on certain tasks can be problematic. Actions which involve driving or machinery operation have to be avoided while on SSRI medication.

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